Sunday, February 20, 2022

Airmont Paperbacks: The philosophy of Collecting

When you pick up a book you’re embracing someone else’s dream, and you are now complicit in that dream. This is an effort to make sense of the dark and endless universe which seemingly spirals out of control around us; vast, menacing and whose purpose is unknown. We strive to understand that purpose; we long for understanding and a solution to all of that which plagues our dreaming lives.

We seek to understand the fires of passion, the commonality of greed and lust, and we seek to silence the murdering beast that dwells in humankind’s wicked heart. 

We seek to cross the barriers of time and find our hearts made of gold, our emotions alight with silver trappings. We seek to push back against the darkness and cross those mysterious barriers that separate us from yesterday’s reality and tomorrow’s dream. 

The artist puts a resemblance of his own soul on the paper or on the canvas. It no longer belongs to them as it finds a path across the myriad time streams to flutter at our fingertips like some bright and magical butterfly that fills our minutes with a dazzling landscape of ideas.

We hold it close, gently. We return to it when we need comforting, or when we need inspiration. We fill our rooms with these colorful butterflies, and each one tells us a different story that resonates with our souls, just as they resonated with their creator, that artist, so long ago.

These books we collect are like those butterflies, and they speak to us from the bookshelves and the dusty corners of our rooms. They add quality to our lives; they are living, breathing things that our minds and hearts have embraced, and we won’t let them go.

Fill your rooms, my friends, with the stories these books offer; sing the praises of the colorful allegorical butterfly which some writer imagined, and don’t look back.

The path is long but the rewards are many. Indulge yourself. Reach for the moonglow among the trees or the purple shadows of a Western mountain landscape. Sail across dark seas and conquer the dragons; scale a castle’s walls and find the princess you have longed for. Seek the Knight from a thousand battles and read to him your poem. 

These adventures and more are but a step away.

Turn the page...


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