Monday, April 13, 2020

Tales from the Graveyard by Guy N. Smith

The cover blurb on this new release from GNS is no exaggeration. Unspeakable horrors do indeed lurk in this nifty collection of short fiction published by Sinister Horror Company. The stories are short-shorts, really Flash Fiction, but well-done, and laced with macabre scenes. There are twelve shorts included, all reprints from the fanzine “Graveyard Rendezvous.” Some of these read like story notes or ideas for a later draft, and some feel complete and well-rounded. All of them share the distinction of benefitting from Guy’s wild imagination. Some of these tales are truly chilling, such as “Mr. Strange’s Christmas Dream,” and “The Executioner.” There are some throwaway ideas here that GNS might have (or still could) develop into a longer work, such as “Cannibal Island.” Another tale, “Hounds from Hell,” is a capsule of themes and ideas common to Guy’s work; and “The Ghouls” was my favorite, a body snatching story that might easily be expanded into a novella. Let’s hope that happens. As these stories were dashed off for a long-running fanzine, readers should expect brevity coupled with suspense. Nobody does it better than GNS. This book is a quick, fun read, and beautifully produced by the Sinister Horror Company, my new top favorite Indie publisher. They offer a tight but quality catalogue of titles.