Tuesday, November 26, 2019

30th Century Comics in London - A Haven for Book Collectors

Prior to arriving in London last August, I had conducted an Internet search for dealers of second hand books and comics, and found the website for 30th Century Comics in Putney at 18 Lower Richmond Road. Putney itself, quite naturally, has a rich literary history; Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Algernon Charles Swinburne and E. M. Forster all lived here. However, I was seeking pulp fiction. I was specifically interested in the Sexton Blake digests. Sexton Blake started out as a pastiche of Sherlock Holmes in 1893 and over 4,000 stories by over 200 authors created his adventures through 1978. The 30th Century Comics website indicated a modest back-stock and I was eager for the hunt.
I smelled old paper when I walked into the shop, as familiar and welcome a scent for the bookhound as butter and pepper is for the discerning chef. The proprietor assisted me in immediately locating a modest supply of Sexton Blake titles. I then commenced in rummaging about their massive comic book collection. 
I found some early 1960s hardback Superman and Batman annuals, and my wife found some British editions of The Lone Ranger comic books and a wonderful Gunsmoke digest from 1969. I capped my stack of books with some horror paperbacks and paid up. I might easily have spent another more given the wealth of vintage material available. I complimented them on their excellent backstock.
And so, for you London Travelers interested in a unique experience, and especially for comic book collectors, I heartily recommend 30th Century Comics in Putney at 18 Lower Richmond Road.