Saturday, July 20, 2019

Last Stage to Hell Junction by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins

Last Stage to Hell Junction offers up the scent of sagebrush, the boom of gunfire and the acrid smell of gunsmoke. There are galloping horses and nasty villains, and it’s all incredibly entertaining! This the fourth Caleb York Western Max Collins has published. Based upon characters created by the late, great Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins is the creative powerhouse behind this excellent series. There are a lot of Westerns out there right now, and this is one you can depend on for having all of the ingredients that Western fans love. There are shoot-outs and chases and robberies and even a dash of saucy romance! Caleb York has become an iconic hero; tough and smart and more than a bit stubborn. He won’t quit, and when he has to go after some hostages being held in Hell Junction, his .44 Colt will naturally get some action. With Last Stage to Hell Junction the West is wild again, and that means readers are in for some epic fun. The previous books in this series are The Legend of Caleb York, The Big Showdown and The Bloody Spur. I recommend that you read them all, and you won’t be disappointed. It does help to read the series in order, but that’s not vital. They can easily be read as stand-alone novels. The difference between this book and the other big name writers publishing Westerns these days is that Collins is having fun, and it shows. Max Collins has produced four exciting, fresh stories, all while paying homage to Spillane. It works, and dang it, I’ve long admired Collin’s blazing talent, so if you’re aiming to hunker down with another fast and exciting book, Last Stage to Hell Junction should be first on your list. Now saddle up! It’s time to ride the high country again with Caleb York!

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