Friday, May 25, 2018

Thunder Over the Superstitions by Peter Brandvold

I have begun collecting these beautiful Five Star/Gale hardback books by Peter Brandvold. They retail at $25.95 and they are worth every penny. Being both an avid reader and a book collector offers special budgetary challenges that require monitoring. But not for these Five Star hardcovers. Just buy them. Amazon does discount titles for Prime members, and the shipping is free. Thunder Over the Superstitions is a Rogue Lawman, Gideon Hawk adventure, another of the fantastic series characters created by Ole Mean Pete. It’s not necessary to have read the previous Gideon Hawk novels because Brandvold skillfully and wisely includes enough of the back-story to bring new readers up to date fairly quickly. The story takes off at a break-neck gallop with the guns blazing. One of the qualities I admire in Brandvold’s fiction is the ability to create sympathy for his characters. Gideon Hawk is one tortured SOB. After the deaths of his son and wife, he decided to wear his tin star upside down, and seek out and kill every evil outlaw he can find. That’s his life’s mission now. He even kills other lawman that come gunning for him. He’s gone over the line, and he won’t stop. These are hardly endearing characteristics. Yet through it all, I found myself cheering him on, and when he makes a mistake, I’m almost shouting, “Oh no! Don’t be so stupid!” That’s because Brandvold makes his readers care about these people. The Bonus Story is Blood and Lust in Old Mexico starring the Rio Concho Kid and it’s a short but dizzying adventure that will leave you panting for more, like a water starved hombre lost in the desert. There’s even a dash of romance, Brandvold style. There are many fine writers out there right now, but Brandvold is hard to beat. The Five Star/Gale hardbacks are books the way books should be. Highly Recommended.

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