Friday, March 30, 2018

Werewolf by Moonlight by Guy N. Smith

A month of Guy N. Smith concludes with a look back at his first novel.

This 1974 paperback from NEL – New English Library – is highly sought after in pristine condition by collectors of Guy N. Smith’s books. The book originally sold for 30 pence and a fine or pristine copy can sell today for as much as 50 pounds in the United Kingdom, or as much as $65.00 dollars here in the United States. Sometimes more. Dog-eared copies sell for about $20 or $30 here in the States. It should be noted, that certain of Guy N. Smith’s titles have sold for several hundred dollars. A solid, good condition copy of Werewolf by Moonlight is not easy to locate, although they exist. Collectors hang onto them. My copy was won at an e-bay auction and is signed by Smith, and it appears to be an unread copy. I would love to see a reprint made available of this book, and the two sequels, Return of the Werewolf and The Son of the Werewolf. This book is mandatory reading for fans of lycanthropic legends and lore. Werewolf by Moonlight was Guy N. Smith’s first published novel. This is absolutely an example of classic pulp fiction storytelling, and Guy’s first novel established his natural talent which immediately struck a chord with readers, and continues to do so today. Relatively short, approximately sixty thousand words, this slender paperback is the perfect armchair companion on a dark and stormy night, preferably in October, with the cold, autumn wind clawing at your window. Put a match to your pipe and lace your coffee with a snort of something wicked, and sit back and enjoy this tale of a Welsh werewolf at the Black Hill, the same area where Guy. N. Smith lives today. When young Philip Owen is bitten by an odd sheepdog, he slowly begins the transformation into a werewolf. The first noticeable sign is his increased sexual desire, which rages out of control and gets him in trouble immediately. Soon, he lays with a woman and for the first times tastes human blood. The transformation is complete, and Philip becomes the Black Hill werewolf. We are introduced to Gordon Hall, who will appear in a sequel. Hall is a werewolf hunter and a great character. Smith follows a time-honored tradition regarding werewolf stories and offers a seductive analogy for the human condition. The writing is imagistic, the characters believable, and the electric tension hot and heavy. An e-book version is also available. Werewolf by Moonlight is a classic Guy N. Smith novel.

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