Monday, March 19, 2018

Spawn of the Slime Beast by Guy N. Smith

This 2015 novel is a new classic from the legendary Guy Smith and available from Guy’s website. A sequel to his 1975 fight-fest, The Slime Beast, he wastes no time developing the characters and getting to the action. Picking up with some of the surviving previous characters, Gavin and Liz Royle, accompanied by their daughter and her snotty boyfriend, are preparing a holiday away when they swiftly learn that the Slime Beast is back. That, of course, seems impossible given that they burned the creature to a dripping slag years before. With his family in danger, Gavin needs to work fast to not only determine the origins of this frightful creature, but to destroy it yet again. The story gallops along at a rousing pace and I found myself flipping the pages with anxious anticipation. Smith adds some characteristic flourishes, including references to the Crabs stories, a detail or two about cartridges, and some hunters who came to a grisly end. Some of the supplemental characters find themselves being eaten by the Slime Beast. I think one of the reasons this creature is so popular is that we don’t often get treated to a monster in the classic mode. This is a creature that walks on two legs like a man, hungers for human flesh, and is a purely malevolent being. The Slime Beast is like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and some alien monster all in one. We are provided with a plausible origin of the Slime Beast, but no matter whence it came, the beast is still deadly. Smith appears to have so much fun writing about this monster that I won’t be surprised if a third book comes along. I sure hope so! I read this one on a cold February winter evening around midnight with the wind howling outside my window. Fantastic!

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