Monday, March 5, 2018

Crabs on the Rampage by Guy N. Smith

Crabs Cult Classic Book 4

This one takes off swiftly, sets the grim mood, and before you can blink the giant crabs have eaten another human. It’s important to remember that these crabs are intelligent. In fact, they are the embodiment of pure evil, and they hate humans. The crabs are relentless in their attacks, skilled in tactical evaluation, and preparing to use their pinchers to rip your limbs from your body, disembowel you, and eat you. “A game, enjoying his suffering, savoring the sumptuous feast, the melee in which human flesh and bones would be torn asunder. (p.38)” Cliff Davenport from book 1 is called back into service by the military who have long been stumped on how to end the crab attacks once and for all. Smith is at the height of his descriptive powers, and the breathless pace is accentuated by his pulp prose: “And the night air was filled with rapid clicking sounds as though the fallen suspension bridge had been a guillotine and a hundred filthy old hags knitted furiously beneath and grinned evilly at the severed heads and blood. (p.22)” Davenport discovers the crab population has cancer, and before the species dies out they’re intent on revenge. They are going to kill and eat as many humans as they can, destroy whatever is in their way, and go out in a bloody blaze of glory. And a rampage it is, from page one until the conclusion, where the Australian Klin from Book 2 makes a brief appearance. Of course, when you’re finished reading this thrilling masterwork you’ll already know, at least instinctively, the crabs will be back. Crabs on the Rampage is an immensely popular entry in the crab’s saga. Forget Jaws by Peter Benchley. After reading this one I guarantee you won’t go anywhere near the ocean.


Night of the Crabs (1976)
Killer Crabs (1978)
The Origin of the Crabs (1979)
Crabs on the Rampage (1981)
Crabs’ Moon (1984)
Crabs: The Human Sacrifice (1988)
Killer Crabs: The Return (2012)
Crabs Omnibus (shorts collection, 2015)

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