Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wolf Moon by Ed Gorman

Wolf Moon is my favorite Ed Gorman novel. I was saddened to learn of his passing. Gorman wrote a great many books and I always enjoyed them. I specifically recommend this book to anyone interested in that category we call “Creative Writing.” Wolf Moon defines creative writing for me. Gorman takes a simple plot and weaves a unique and exciting story by populating his narrative with strong characters, fully realized scenes, stunning action and a wild ending. Nothing that I just wrote does the book justice. I’ve talked to other people who feel the same way about this book that I do. It’s a Western, of course, but Gorman does something different here, and I’m not sure I can put my finger on it. Let’s just say that Ed Gorman knew how to write a great story. After ten years in prison, the man called Chase can’t forget his murdered brothers or Reeves, the man who double-crossed him after a bank robbery. Chase is a haunted man, with a face scarred by the wolf that had attacked him and left him for dead. Chase wants vengeance. Told in a predominantly first person narrative, nothing that happens in this story was unexpected, but I was invested in finding out how it all ends anyway. A skillfully handled plot twist isn’t unusual for Gorman, and that’s why I like his books. He doesn’t telegraph the twist, and the twist isn’t always a profound thing in his stories. They just happen, and when you read the last page of Wolf Moon you’ll see how a great writer can drop a little something different in the mix and make it work. Again, nothing profound, but the story flows to a logical conclusion With Wolf Moon Ed Gorman has crafted a mesmerizing tale. This paperback was published by Fawcett Gold Medal in April, 1993. 

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