Saturday, February 3, 2018

Gamekeeping and Shooting for Amateurs by Guy N. Smith

This genius writer who penned Night of the Crabs, The Slime Beast, The Wood and so many other pulp paperback classics of horror, has published over a dozen practical sportsman guides. As a fan living in the United States, I am fortunate Guy’s website offers a good selection, but certain titles elude me. E-bay is a great resource and it was there I found this third edition of Gamekeeping and Shooting for Amateurs. First published in 1976, this is a comprehensive overview of a sportsman’s activities, chock full of knowledge, spiced with reminiscing, and illustrated throughout. Smith covers all the relevant topics including choosing the right gun, handling dogs, cartridges, rabbits, pigeons, fox control, various birds, deer, the gamekeeper’s task of handling poachers, and conservation. Smith is a lifelong dedicated sportsman and gamekeeper. Smith has been an ongoing columnist for The Shooting Times, and his many articles and books on countryside pursuits are highly respected. I have no qualms is saying that I envy Smith his lifestyle, and the manner in which he worked diligently at both his writing career and his desire for a sportsman’s life. He has succeeded admirably. In 1977 Smith moved to the Shropshire-Welsh border hills where over time he transformed a steep, rugged pasture into a gamekeeper’s property. From there, he continues writing today. 

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