Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gonji: Red Blade from the East by T.C. Rypel

I can’t think of a better reading experience than to open a book, start the first chapter, and find myself immersed in another world. T.C. Rypel’s prose crackles with imagery and energy and most readers will be hooked by the opening chapter. That opening chapter is what hooked me on this book. I am now officially a T.C. Rypel fan. Gonji: Red Blade from the East is fast, fun, bloody and exciting from start to finish. This is the first of a trilogy which has also been expanded with these new editions from Borgo Press. Gonji Sabatake is a Samurai-Viking who pursues his quest across a wild, sixteenth century landscape. There are demons and monsters and villains and intense battles. Gonji is fighting an ancient sorcery, and Gonji will be put to the test unlike any hero since, well, Conan the barbarian. Author Rypel has created a refreshing, mythological world that sparkles with heroic grand fantasy combined with gothic elements and other-worldly elements. The book is layered with stark images, at times disturbing, always exciting, and feverishly fun. The complex supporting players come and go in rapid scenes. The book includes a character index which will help you keep track of the players. The pace is fast. T.C. Rypel’s action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat. Gonji: Red Blade from the East by T.C. Rypel is tremendously entertaining. He is seeking the “Deathwind” and the occupiers of Vedun set the stage for a smack down. Fusing multiple elements into a palpable pulp fiction style adventure is no easy task, but Rypel pulls it off beautifully. Now I need to gets books 2 and 3 to find out what happens next. Kudos!

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