Friday, December 16, 2016

The Golden Age Superman, Vol. 1 & 2

Originally reprinted as “Omnibus” volumes, this historic reprint initiative by DC Comics deserves a better marketing campaign. This is the first time many of these stories have been reprinted. The intention, as I understand it, is to reprint all of the Golden Age and Silver Age titles. That ambitious undertaking starts here with the first two volumes of The Golden Age Superman. These are full color reproductions including the cover for each issue. This constitutes the first comprehensive collection of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s iconic creation. For the first time since their original appearance, readers can follow the Metropolis Marvel’s exploits as they developed. Volume One reprints the stories and covers from Action Comics # 1 through 19, Superman # 1 through 3, and New York World’s Fair Comics # 1. Volume 2 reprints Action Comics # 20 through 31, Superman # 4 through 7, and New York World’s Fair Comics # 2. The reproduction quality is high, and the full color palette is intact from the original pages. Having the covers included is a bonus. Superman was not always featured on the cover, although that would change swiftly. These anthologies don’t include those peripheral characters, just the Superman stories. Covering the years 1938 to 1940, the contents page identifies the cover artist, with the Superman covers mostly all done by Joe Shuster. However, even by 1940 we begin to see the inclusion of artists Jack Burnley and Wayne Boring who would have a strong influence on the series before the decade ended. These stories represent a bygone era. These tales are from an America that vanished in the wake of World War II, and one might argue that the Superman depicted here vanished as well. Patriotic, idealistic and espousing the virtues of hard work and fair play, Superman was a champion of the oppressed. The anthology cover artist is Michael Cho. These two books are what long-time Superman fans have been waiting for. Kudos to DC Comics for doing it right.

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