Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Ruger American Pistol

Photo courtesy of Sturm, Ruger & Company

Although this website is primarily devoted to promoting literature and the creative arts, I occasionally indulge in other past-times as you’ve seen with my posts about firearms. I am an avid firearm enthusiast, gun collector and part-time competition shooter.  I have two gun cabinets in my home, both packed. My newest firearm is the Ruger American Pistol, .45 caliber automatic. The clip holds ten rounds. The grip is made from hardened nylon. The finish is black, and the overall weight is about 31.5 oz. The length is about eight inches. The case comes with an extra, smaller ergonomic grip and two clips. There is a standard three-dot sight that is adjustable. The interior striker replaces the traditional hammer, which means you had better learn to safely handle the slide mechanism for loading and unloading. A “striker” firing gun means there is no protruding hammer. The “striker” is the part that strikes the cartridge and ignites the interior primer, rather than the traditional exterior cocking hammer. This pistol has the standard knock-down power of a .45 but Ruger’s design and craftsmanship make firing this gun enjoyable. The slide mechanism is smooth, the ejection of the brass is clean. The recoil is what you should expect from a .45. Taking the American Pistol apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together again is a breeze. This is a nice gun to shoot. I’m a fan of Ruger firearms and I think I own at least seven or eight. I use Ruger Vaquero model revolvers in Cowboy Competition shooting. The suggested retail price for the Ruger American is $579.00. Please practice all safety rules when handling a firearm. If you’re interested in firearms please work with a certified instructor for professional training. Buy American.

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