Monday, March 14, 2016

Superman The Sunday Pages, 1949 -1953

This third ultimate volume of classic Superman comic strips from the Sunday papers is sub-titled “The Atomic Age” for good reason. All of the scripts are credited to Alvin Schwartz who is unheralded among Superman scholars. Schwartz adds some imaginative flourishes to the Superman series. In this volume Superman travels through time, builds a Clark Kent robot, meets Merlin the magician, battles Lex Luthor, meets Aladdin and avoids marriage. He also goes to Hollywood, survives a visit from Mr. Mxyztplk, and battles some bug-eyed monsters. There are mad scientists, nerdy scientists, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, all accentuated by some of Wayne Boring’s best sequential art. With an introduction again by Mark Waid, this volume also includes a two-page cover gallery from Superman and Action Comics. Published by IDW, the three large-format hardcovers that comprise this trilogy are vital inclusions in the Superman mythos. I stated previously in my posts about the first two volumes that these are historically significant collections and not to be missed. These Sunday strips offer a little bit of everything as far as storylines, which makes them all the more appealing. The next volume will be published soon -  Superman, The Atomic Age Sundays, 1953 -1956, (The Silver Age dailies have already been published). These IDW books, in conjunction with The Library of American Comics, have made available a forgotten slice of Americana that every Superman fan will want in their collection. These are beautifully bound, high-quality hardbacks that any bibliophile will treasure.

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