Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blood of My Blood by Errol Lecale

Errol Lecale was a pseudonym for Wilfred McNeilly who was part of London’s famed Fleet Street writers and also contributed many Sexton Blake novellas. Blood of My Blood is book # 6 in “The Specialist” series he wrote for the New English Library in 1975. “The Specialist” is Eli Podgram, a small man and spare of build but with a patch of white hair amongst his black hair shaped like a cross. Years earlier, in Transylvania, Podgram had been transformed into a vampire temporarily, and shortly saved himself from vampirism with the help of father Ignatius who performed a quick blood transfusion on Podgram. Thus being literally saved, Podgram commences to use his familiarity with “The Twilight World” of vampires, werewolves and other ghouls of the night to save others. In Blood of My Blood Podgram is called upon to investigate the resurgence of an ancient vampire in Transylvania, the land of his heritage. Soon he discovers the denizens of evil are conspiring to destroy Podgram himself, and among his enemies are a woman who is part cat and part human. At the center of this evil mechanization is Azakan of Ishboleth, a creature of immense evil strength. Blood of My Blood has it all; dank and gloomy castles, werewolves, shape-shifters and supernatural suspense in large doses. Strong images, suspense and the gothic mood make Blood of My Blood and all of “The Specialist” books great entertainments. Other titles in the series include The Tigerman of Terrahpur, Castledoom, The Severed Hand, The Death Box and Zombie. I love the creepy cover for Blood of My Blood. E-bay is your best bet to find these New English Library horror classics.

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