Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge

This 1970 publication by Zolar is probably the best of its kind; a complete and logical survey of occult topics, theorems and philosophies. Zolar is a rather mysterious figure himself, author of over a dozen occult histories, but I know little else. He is prolific, and he handles his topics with expertise. No matter who he is, that’s all that counts. This book covers much of the same ground as Richard Cavendish’s The Black Arts, but there is also a great deal more. Zolar takes a refreshing, personal tone and thus avoids the staid academic syntax that slows readers down. The first of two sections covers the Kabbalah, the realm of spirit, physical life, mysteries of sex, the soul, immortality, the dark satellite, the astral world, mind power, and mediums. Each narrative offers  a concise overview of its topic. The remaining section covers an equally wide-range of topics: prophets, psychic power, the stars, numerology, the tarot, and more. Certain topics get more attention than others, and the general feeling here is that Zolar knows his material. There is no bibliography but comparison to other reference works is easy enough. Whatever research Zolar conducted appears to have been handled efficiently. This book remains in print but with a different cover. Zolar is quite popular among occultists and this easy to comprehend and useful book is among his best-sellers. I recommend Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge for anyone taking the next step in their own philosophical quest.

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