Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Wilderness Trail by H. Bedford Jones

There are writers, and then there are real writers. H. Bedford Jones is among that select group of astonishing scribes who began publishing shortly before, during or after World War I. His contemporaries included Zane Grey, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Talbot Mundy, Frederick Nebel and many others. This edition of The Wilderness Trail is published by Murania Press at the direction of Ed Hulse. I am an advocate for the continuous reprinting of pulp stories and novels. The Wilderness Trail originally appeared in the 1915 issue of Blue Book magazine, and this hard-to-find story is a must-have for pulp aficionados and fans of H. Bedford Jones. Fast, breezy and exciting, The Wilderness Trail is about Captain John Norton, a military officer on a secret mission against a group led by a mystery man known as Blacknose. The author demonstrates a flair for characterization and action. The narrative catapults along briskly, and introduces cameos of historical figures such as Daniel Boone, future President Zachary Taylor, naturalist John J. Audubon and even Shawnee Indian chief Tecumseh. The typeset is easy to read, and this book might also be included in recommendations for young readers. All of the Murania Press titles I’ve read are first-class productions. Recommended.

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