Monday, February 11, 2019

Billy Gogan, American by Roger Higgins

I picked up my copy of Billy Gogan, American at Chicago’s Irish Books, Arts and Music festival (IBAM) and once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. This is a brilliant, sprawling epic story that is at once beautifully written, and fascinating to read. Author Higgins has done his research, but far more important is the fact that this man can write. The prose is immaculate; insightful, measured, well-planned and propels the narrative. The characters are full dimensional, cut from the very fabric of our Irish heritage, and living and breathing on each page. The tale begins in Ireland in 1844, and here we are introduced to Billy, and henceforth we begin to learn how he came to America. The story isn’t rushed, in fact, you’ll be a tad shy of halfway through this page-turner before that happens. I particularly relished the detail of Billy’s travails before arriving in old Gotham. Author Higgins writes this as a first person narrative, and as such, it rings true. The insight and historical background may well leave you breathless. This is a major novel that should reach a wide audience. Gogan’s tale is endearing, heartfelt and perhaps a bit tragic, but at the center of this tale is a story about the indomitable Irish spirit. Published by Solas House, Billy Gogan, American is available on Amazon. A sequel is forthcoming. You can learn more at: I met the author at the IBAM convention and he’s a gentleman all the way. Kudos!
Author Roger Higgins

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