Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Spider: The Doom Legion by Will Murray

That powerhouse pulp master Will Murray is at it again, this time with his debut Spider novel. Among the greatest pulp characters from the 30s and 40s, The Spider ranks up there with Doc Savage and The Shadow. The Spider: The Doom Legion also features Operator 5 and the government agent known as G-8. The Spider: The Doom Legion is outstanding. The story is nearly non-stop action from start to finish. Will Murray has the uncanny ability to write as well as Norvell Page, Walter B. Gibson and Lester Dent without making it seem like a pastiche. A strange meteorite crashes into Central Park and its glowing rays turn men into living zombies. Investigating the meteorite, Richard Wentworth AKA The Spider, soon encounters enemies of all types, and the pace heats up as fast as the glowing eyes of the living dead. These opening chapters are a tour de force of action with Wentworth sprinting about Central Park in his Halloween costume, Robin Hood. There’s a Spider imitator on the loose as well, and Wentworth is soon defending himself from accusations of murder. The body count is high and many of the deaths are grisly. This book is a real Halloween treat, with a fantastic cover painting by Joe DeVito. Murray’s current string of New Pulp Fiction are set in the same time period as the original stories, and he has skillfully retained the flavor and excitement of the pulp era. Altus Press continues to challenge the conventional publishing model by issuing high quality original adventure stories with deluxe painted covers and thereby making every book an instant collector’s item. None of the New York publishing industry weekly releases with their bland photo-shopped covers can compare to any of the Altus Press titles by Will Murray with covers by Joe DeVito. The Spider: The Doom Legion should be at the top of your shopping list.

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