Thursday, April 12, 2018

Valley of Hunted Men by Bradford Scott

This 1960 Pyramid paperback came to me via an antique store that was going out of business.  For a span of about an hour I became a Pulp Raider and spent a small fortune on several boxes of vintage paperbacks that were discounted to mere pennies. With my pulp treasures packed in cardboard, I retreated to my northwoods cabin where I began a tentative inventory, reveling in blazing six-shooters, wild jungle tales, Doc Savage’s amazing exploits, and some saucy Longarm paperbacks thrown in for good measure. Valley of Hunted Men caught my eye and I snatched it up. I have a nice, modest stack of Bradford Scott paperbacks. I buy them whenever I encounter them because they’re good. I love the cover for Valley of Hunted Men. I don’t know who the artist is, but it’s rugged and colorful, just like Bradford Scott’s prose. In this one, Walt Slade rides into Laredo where he witnesses a murder. Things get gloomy quick when Slade finds himself the object of a gang’s murderous sport. It takes Slade a while to figure out what’s been going on, and it doesn’t help matters at all. The main thing is that Slade has to stay alive, and since this is the Old West, that means plenty of gunplay. I have come to rely on Bradford Scott for solid, Western entertainment, and Valley of Hunted Men hits the bullseye. His books are fast and easy to read. You don’t need to get analytical because Scott’s books are Old School Horse Operas, and that’s a good thing. At some point I need to give in to my Bradford Scott addiction  and track down every single book of his that I can find. 

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