Monday, April 9, 2018

One Bad Woman by Clay Anthony

NOTE: Cleveland Westerns (Follow this Link) are published out of Australia. The many authors use a pseudonym and I have little information on their true identities. I respect the fact that some writers prefer to use an alias. I am also in the dark as to the names of the cover artists. Should any author or artist or their fans wish to share any relevant information, feel free to contact this blog and I’ll be happy to tip my Stetson to them. Thank you!
At least two authors are verified as writing under the Clay Anthony pseudonym for Cleveland Westerns. Diane Dorothy Luckow Michel, (1942-2016) wrote as Clay Anthony and Jack Masterton; and Don Haring (1922-1981) also wrote as Clay Anthony. I’m guessing One Bad Woman was written by Diane Dorothy Luckow Michel. One Bad Woman begins with cowpuncher Dave Bracewell rounding up strays when he hears a gunshot nearby, and decides to investigate. As luck would have it, Dave sees an hombre named Henry Haywood gun down a fellow named Mobley. Haywood flees, and Dave takes Mobley’s body to his ranch where he informs his wife Cathy and father-in-law about the killing. Dave is warned not to report that he saw Haywood gun Mobley down, but Dave is an honest man and insists on telling what he saw, as he saw it. The Haywood’s are a powerful family, and even the sheriff is courting Henry Haywood’s sister. Dave would be a damn fool to say anything. To top it off, Dave rarely carries a gun. Within a few galloping chapters, we learn that Mobley, the deceased, had been making time with a new dove in town named Crystal, who happens to be the same dove that Henry Haywood fancies. All it takes is one bad woman to get a man riled up, and that’s also when the fun begins. One Bad Woman is highly enjoyable, albeit in a convoluted way. The prose is a tad less spicy than the cover, but as they say, don’t judge a book by the cover. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the Cleveland Westerns, and I have a nice stack to pull from. It’s a good feeling to ease into a leather chair with a tumbler of whiskey and a Cleveland Western. Get to it.

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