Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Minister Geese by Jonathan Guy

Jonathan Guy is a pseudonym for Guy N. Smith and The Minister Geese is a book for younger readers. The Minister Geese is another example of Guy’s versatile talent which I hold in the highest regard. This is a story about Karn, a Canada goose, Ski, a greyleg, and Cho, the Chinese goose. Captured, and with their wings broken, they can no longer fly. The become residents of a farmer’s wildfowl pond. Here they might have lived out their lives, until they are suddenly transferred to a new home, a pool in the shadow of a magnificent cathedral. They soon discover that the Minister Pool is not a safe haven, and new dangers lurk constantly. The Minister Geese is several things at once; first, it’s an excellent novel for young readers, although readers of any age will enjoy it; secondly, it demonstrates yet again Guy N. Smith’s talent as a natural born storyteller. His countryside lifestyle, in-depth experience, and sportsman’s activities all contributed to this enjoyable tale. I was swept up in the plight of the geese, and readers won’t be disappointed as they breeze through the chapters. Smith’s writing always possessed a certain style and grace, which is all the more apparent in his descriptive passages. His eye for detail, his understanding of the human condition, all combined here to create a sympathetic portrait of these geese, all handled with an endearing flourish. The Minister Geese commands your attention, and here is a book deserving of accolades. Of recent vintage, this 2012 novel is now a favorite, and I have procured an extra copy for my granddaughter. Highly recommended!

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