Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Midland Gun Company: A Short History by Guy N. Smith

This excellent book is a must have for both gun enthusiasts and historians. Guy N. Smith has stated point blank this book was a labor of love, an especially important fact considering there was scant historical material available about Midland guns. Guy has pieced it all together, done the digging, added in a dash of memoir, and I guarantee you gun owners like myself will henceforth keep an eye open for a Midland gun. He covers the known history, the models and variations, cartridges, hammerless and single-shot, and many other aspects of these guns. His subject is primarily shotguns, but Smith details Midland’s other endeavors as well. The book is profusely illustrated, and the photos includes historical documents and the guns themselves. Utilizing the same hardback format as Smith’s Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres (which is also recommended), the overall design is superb. Kudos to the Black Hill Books design and production team for their outstanding effort in producing the very best quality books. While I do own over thirty firearms, I don’t own any Midland guns, but now that I’ve read this book it’s not beyond my scope to search one out. Being located in the United States might make this endeavor a tad more difficult, but time will tell. Midland Gun Company: A Short History is another feather in Guy’s cap, and a worthy addition to his growing list of non-fiction volumes of shooting and countryside related books.

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