Thursday, February 1, 2018

City of Endless Night by Preston & Child

Agent Pendergast is back, and the latest entry in this historic series takes readers on a long and winding road of plot twists, exhilarating excitement, deductive reasoning, and Vengeance with a capital V. City of Endless Night reads like a traditional police procedural but with the added dimension of creepiness as only Preston & Child can deliver. Agent Pendergast has his hands full with a serial killer who beheads his victims. What does he do with the heads, you ask? That my friends, is the key to this entire mystery, and I can tell you it’s a shocker. Pendergast is teamed again with his friend Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta in his quest to uncover the killer. To complicate matters, a sleaze journalist named Harriman fans the fires of public discontent with his theories on why the killer is targeting certain victims. With New York on the brink of mass hysteria, D’Agosta and Pendergast finds themselves facing a new and extremely dangerous adversary. But is Pendergast up to the challenge? Long-time readers are well aware that Agent Pendergast has suffered a great deal recently, and his gaunt appearance indicates he is not his usual self. The last third of the book is a virtuoso set-piece of action and suspense in the grand tradition of adventure. Preston & Child are at the top of their game in this thrilling novel. I’ll buy anything Preston & Child publish. Recent weeks have seen the release of The Wanted by Robert Crais, Robicheaux by James Lee Burke and now City of Endless Night by Preston & Child. For my money, those are the top three thriller series published today. 

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