Friday, January 5, 2018

Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres by Guy N. Smith

Although he is best known as a writer of supernatural thrillers, Guy N. Smith is also an avid outdoorsman, hunter, tobacco connoisseur, and conservationist. His latest book is a practical guide to managing a small gamekeeping property. Published this past December by Black Hill Books, Smith’s official publisher out of Shropshire, England, Managing and Shooting Under Ten Acres is a deluxe, embossed hardback with a fantastic photo of Smith on the cover. The overall design is excellent and easy to read. There are numerous photographs, and the chapters handle various aspects of managing a property that is intended as a conservationist site and selected shooting property. I have for some time collected certain titles related to hunting, and I’m quite pleased to add this volume to my library. My copy was signed by the author which makes it even better. Smith has published many other books and articles related to hunting and gamekeeping, and many are available from Black Hill Books. Smith handles the practical details of land management mingled with dashes of memoir and that includes guns, hunting, traps, and the handling of various problems including the undesired poacher. Another fine book from Guy, and easily recommended for those of you that manage properties with an interest in the outdoorsman’s life. I sat down and read this the day it arrived, with a steaming cup of coffee at my side, and a dog at my feet. Perfect!

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