Thursday, July 27, 2017

Passport to Danger by Jessyca Paull

Passport to Danger (1968) was the first of a three book trilogy featuring the character Tracy Larrimore. Destination Terror also appeared in 1968 and the final book, Rendezvous with Death, appeared a year later. These books were apparently co-authored by Julia Percival and Rossaylmer Burger, about whom I know nothing. Julia Percival also co-authored other titles with a “Pixie Burger,” which adds to the mystery. Literary mysteries are fun, and I have no doubt that someone out there knows all about authors Percival and Burger. Drop me a line. Meanwhile, Passport to Danger and its companion titles are still quite common on the after-market trail. The publisher was Award Books who also published the long defunct men’s adventure series, Killmaster. In her premier outing, Tracy Larrimore gets swept into a case of mistaken identity. Tracy is a twenty-one year-old American on vacation in London for the first time. When she sees her own photograph in the newspaper announcing that she had been killed in Paris, she begins a strange journey to discover the truth. Enter Mike Thompson, a British secret service agent, and together they find themselves caught up in a deceitful web of international intrigue. The story is solid, typical for its era, unsurprising in its resolution, but well written and enjoyable. Passport to Danger is also decidedly un-romantic. This is a straight thriller all the way, lacking in flourishes and relying on suspense to advance the story. It delivered its 60 cents of thrills, set up the two sequels, and then its heroine Tracy Larrimore vanished into the world of forgotten pulp paperbacks. 

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