Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Obsidian Chamber by Preston & Child

Readers of the famed Pendergast series by Preston & Child won’t be surprised by the events depicted in The Obsidian Chamber, especially if they read the previous volume, Crimson Shore. There are still plenty of plot twists and heavy action to keep fans of this series turning the pages, although The Obsidian Chamber clearly marks a shift in the series. As usual, we readers are left with unanswered questions. No spoilers here, but “what happens next?” has become the ongoing motif in this exciting and original series of suspense novels. How will FBI agent A.X.L. Pendergast cope with the events described on the final pages? Frankly, I’m wondering if authors Preston & Child haven’t painted themselves into a corner with this one. On the other hand, I admire their willingness to take this series in a wholly unique direction. They have never been shy about their willingness to allow their characters to change, often dramatically, and a great deal of Constance’s actions in this book were unexpected. Again, no spoilers from me, but fans of this series are going to be tested here. Do you agree with the manner in which Preston & Child handled these events? In my discussion with other fans, I learned that many of them enjoyed the book, but with reservations, and they’re on the fence about actually stating that they “liked” it. I believe this is because Preston & Child did such a good job of setting up a profound change in the series direction, and only time will tell how it all plays out. The Obsidian Chamber is not the best book in the Pendergast series, but it’s potentially a key book that will help define future narratives. I’m a fan and so I’m on board all the way. Preston & Child have never let their readers down. Paint me as a clichéd blogger, but I can’t wait for the next one!

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