Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? By Alan Moore

This month of “Superman” is dedicated to the memory of my father.

The great comic books we loved as children stay with us forever. They are no less equal in importance than a cherished mother, father, aunt or uncle. We saved them in cardboard boxes hidden under our beds because they were special. Just holding one in our hands decades later brings back memories of a magical summer’s day when we plucked it from a spinning wire rack. The artwork kept us mesmerized, the word balloons taught us narrative structure. Great Caesar’s ghost! My childhood ended in the 1960s, but the Silver Age of comics (as they call it) ended in 1986 when DC published this two-part story by Alan Moore. The artwork was by Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, George Perez and Kurt Schaffenberger. Julius Schwartz was the editor. Alan Moore’s story pays tribute to the great mythology that had sprung up around Superman, and concludes with a charming wink that is reminiscent, in part, to the legacy of actor George Reeves. Alan Moore was saying hello and goodbye, and we all knew Superman might never be that much fun again. Sadly, we were right, although John Byrne and Jerry Ordway almost pulled it off, and would have, had they been allowed to stay with the series. Now Superman is controlled by a corporation, and The Big Studio is run by delinquents. This trade paperback also includes Alan Moore’s Superman/Swamp Thing Team-up, and his collaboration with artist Dave Gibbons in the classic tale “For the Man Who Has Everything.” The retail price is $14.99 and you can get it discounted on Amazon. The compilation is 128 pages long. This one is for those of you who remember when Superman was the “World’s Best-Selling Comics Magazine.”


  1. I'm not a big fan of Alan Moore's work, but I really do like these stories. I wasn't fond of Byrne's reboot and hated to see the previous era end.

    1. Thank you James I agree, this is the best work he did, have a great day!


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