Friday, March 18, 2016

Superman Dark Knight Over Metropolis

This 2013 compilation reprints in full color one story from 1987 and five from 1990. These are good stories. By the late 80s the comic book industry had begun to implode. We witnessed the end of stand-alone stories or novelettes, with multi-title crossovers forcing readers to seek alternate tiles to piece together a plot-line that often wasn’t very interesting to begin with. These stories are an exception. The writers and artists featured here are John Byrne, Art Adams, Dick Giordano, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, Brett Breeding, Bob McLeod, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke, and Art Thibert. These are all fan favorites and I’ve lost track of how many of these guys I met when I still attended conventions. Jerry Ordway has long been a favorite of mine. These stories include Batman and Superman team-ups, and were all written after the editorial directive was to depict them as “less than friends.” I never agreed that Superman and Batman would have such animosity for each other, and in the final three-part story reprinted here, Superman visits the Batcave and tells Bruce Wayne, “We are very different, you and I – but I like to think that we’re working for a similar cause.” I like these stories because they have Superman and Batman clobbering the bad guys in traditional fashion, and the drama between the two of them is minimized. These are some what I refer to as “Old School” Superman stories, published about the time I stopped collecting them. This is a solid collection that any Superman and Batman fan will want on their bookshelf.

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