Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Trap by R. L. Stine

Recently I was sitting on my porch and watching the autumn sky change color when I was suddenly possessed by an urgent desire to visit a bookstore. I began to sweat and my teeth were chattering incessantly. I knew from experience that the only solution was to jump in my car to drive to Barnes & Noble, the closest bookstore. Once at B&N I was besieged by yet another problem. What should I spend my money on? Should I buy the latest fat best-seller on the “New Releases” table? No, I just couldn’t do it! Those books usually suck. My feet propelled me to the kids section. Had I gone mad? A wicked, involuntary laugh flew off my maniacal lips. I knew what I wanted! Shuffling like a hunchbacked Irish gnome through aisles overflowing with crap by authors whose names are tagged to my voodoo doll collection, I finally rested my hand on the latest Goosebumps novel, Trick or Trap by R. L. Stine. Yes! That’s it! Rushing home, I sat down in my cobweb infested recliner and read Trick or Trap from cover to cover. Scott Harmon is afraid of everything, but he’s tired of being picked on by the Klass brothers. Scott and his friend Amanda want to redeem themselves, and they want revenge for being picked on. There’s a creepy old house down the street and Scott and Amanda decide to spend some time inside as a way to overcome their fearful natures. But will they survive and finally get revenge? Goosebumps fans won’t be surprised by anything that happens here, and it all proves that R. L. Stine still has that wickedly cool imagination. Happy Halloween!

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