Friday, October 23, 2015

The Slime Beast by Guy N. Smith

Is The Slime Beast the perfect Guy N. Smith horror novel? Well, it has one of the best covers found on this 1976 NEL (New English Library) paperback. Smith once again uses a marsh as the setting for some horrific happenings. The monster this time is presumed to be a creature from beyond the stars that crash landed on earth. The characterizations and mayhem are all typical of a Smith novel. Being a Guy N. Smith fan I rather fancied this one. The Slime Beast isn’t all that long, and I breezed through it quickly. When a scholarly group in search of King John’s missing treasure uncovers the body of a green skinned, scaly monster they find themselves in the middle of some nasty happenings. Professor Lowson wants to to study the creature rather than report his discovery, but when the creature disappears and then reappears with the obvious intent of killing people, the suspense level heats up. Naturally, there’s some quick and saucy sex, and throwaway characters that come to a gruesome end. In other words, The Slime Beast may be predictable, especially for those of you who have read Smith’s many other novels, but the entertainment is right on the mark. I’ve posted about Smith before and I have enjoyed everything of his that I’ve read. His imagination and hard work at the typewriter have consistently produced one steadfast thriller after another. The Slime Beast fits right into any autumn reading list. After all, Halloween is fast approaching and the shadows are lengthening. There’s a chill in the air and something out there in the marsh is moving. Something big and ugly. As a reader I can sense that Smith is having fun writing these things and I’m happy to go along for the ride.

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