Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Widow by Orrie Hitt

This 1959 paperback from Beacon Books has a little bit of everything. It has Norma, a sweet and attractive young lady who poses for revealing photographs to earn money. It has Linda, a not-too-sweet but attractive young lady with some naughty ideas. It has Jerry, who is married to the lovely Norma and should have done more housework at home, and not over at Linda’s house. Jerry’s trouble really begins when Linda decides she needs to get rid of her mother-in-law, the widow Sprague, who has a very nice bank account. Beacon Books specialized in lustful tales of wanton women, greedy men, and murderous complications. The Widow is right on par with the rest of them, and they’re always generally entertaining. I have several other titles by Orrie Hitt and I liked them all. There’s a great deal of dialogue in this book, and a great deal of undressing the women with the eyes and with the hands. Nothing remotely explicit by today’s standards, but saucy enough. Linda gets the better of Jerry, and Jerry gets what he deserves for being a lunkhead. Interesting enough, my copy, purchased as part of a bulk collection, had an 4x6 index card as a bookmark. Upon it someone had written in pencil “sacrilegious.” On the reverse side of the card was printed: “Women looking for additional income at home. Must devote at least 8 to 12 hours a week and be desirous of having a permanent and independent income – Phone Interocean 8-2626.” It’s not unusual to find little notes in old paperbacks and I get a kick out of it when I find them. I once bought a Bomba hardback that had a Christmas card and letter stuck in the back. Anyway, The Widow by Orrie Hitt is retro sleazy fun from that era when sex was sex, and murder was still murder.


  1. Orrie Hitt is one of my heroes. I haven't read this one, but it sounds good!

  2. Thanks James! Orrie Hitt was a good writer and one of the better writers at Beacon, at least based on the books I've read. I'll post more Orrie Hitt titles at a later date!

  3. Thanks for the review, Tom. Reminds me I have dip into my Orrie Hitt stash again.

    1. Thanks Pete, he sure is fun, and I have some with racy covers that are always fun too LOL!


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