Monday, August 10, 2015

The Lost Island by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Gideon Crew is the second series character from Preston & Child, and this is the third book in the series. I thought the first book, Gideon’s Sword, was good, but the basic premise didn’t quite work for me. Mainly, Crew has a congenital condition in his brain that will kill him. Since he’s a scientist and a master thief, his talents are in demand, and so he indulges himself with some final adventures while waiting to kick off. The second book, Gideon’s Corpse, was even less interesting to me, and I probably would have avoided this third volume if it had been written by anyone other than Preston & Child. After all, their individual novels and their famed Pendergast series are all favorites of mine. So on a whim I picked up The Lost Island and guess what – wow! – this book is a taut hardboiled and suspenseful book. It’s clearly the best Gideon Crew novel and undoubtedly one of the best thrillers from this dynamic duo of modern crime classics. The Lost Island should be viewed as a textbook example on how to write a thriller. Combing elements from Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island and The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, Gideon Crew finds himself accepting an assignment from his mysterious employer, Eli Glinn, that takes him to the infamous Mosquito Coast where they uncover a secret that ties directly to the travels of Odysseus. You’ll have to read it to get answers because I’m not offering spoilers. Suffice it say, if you’re familiar with The Odyssey you’ll be stunned by some of the revelations in this fantastic book. The action is of the kick-ass and show no mercy variety. Gideon Crew is lucky to walk away from this one. This page-turning romp is the perfect beach book or northwoods camping paperback, but proceed with caution. Your blood pressure will be elevated from start to finish with this one.

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