Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ghost Town Treasure by Clyde Robert Bulla

Books not only tell stories but quite often there is a story behind the book. Ghost Town Treasure by Clyde Robert Bulla is another of those fantastic Scholastic Books acquired through the local elementary School. The copyright date is 1957 and my copy is the December 1966 reprint. This book has survived decades of my moving about and it’s still in good shape. I wish Scholastic Books would republish their mid-1960s inventory, and I know they would sell. These books were great and helped fire up my imagination. Illustrated by Don Freeman, Ghost Town Treasure is about young Ty Jackson who helps Paul and Nora Connor after discovering a passage in their great-grandfather’s diary that set them on a treasure hunt. The words “gold in the cave” send them after the secret cave in the hope of finding enough gold to help their financially challenged family keep their home. The Western town of Gold Rock is now deserted but Ty is bound and determined to find that gold. This 80 page paperback is the perfect type of book for young readers. A stroll through Barnes and Noble today uncovers nothing in the juvenile section that is quite as interesting as Ghost Town Treasure. The moody cover alone was worth the 50 cents I paid for it. Yes, for adults this book is dated and “old-fashioned” but a very young reader learning about books wouldn’t know that, and the story and illustrations go far in making such Scholastic titles a valuable resource. With pulp fiction reprints now a profitable industry, I’m predicting (and hoping) we’ll be seeing an insightful print-on-demand publisher begin re-issuing not only the Scholastic inventory but some of those Grosset and Dunlap and Whitman titles as well. Currently, the Scholastic website features several of Clyde Robert Bulla’s books, but not Ghost Town Treasure.


  1. My dad gave me that book when I was a kid; it had been one of his favorites when he was a kid! He probably got it at his school's Scholastic book fair in 1966!


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