Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Third Gate by Lincoln Child

I am a devotee of any Egyptian mummy story. This affliction is the result of watching The Mummy starring Boris Karloff on the late show as a kid. I especially enjoy it when the mummy gets up and walks about and puts his hands around someone’s neck and strangles them to death. Geez, that’s just cool. It doesn’t happen in Lincoln Child’s excellent The Third Gate but it’s still a nifty thriller. The Third Gate does involve a newly discovered Egyptian tomb and the events leading up to opening that tomb and the disastrous aftermath. I couldn’t put this book down. Jeremy Logan is an historian and Enigmalogist, or interpreter of the bizarre and unexplained. Ethan Rush has contacted him to assist in determining the cause of some unfortunate circumstances at a secret Egyptian site believed to be the tomb of King Narmer. Once on site, Logan goes through the process of getting to know the staff and attempting to validate or denounce any supposed supernatural occurrences. Suffice it to say, he comes to believe an evil presence is at work at Narmer’s tomb which is located beneath over thirty feet of muddy swamp. Lincoln Child utilizes all of the elements you expect in a story involving an undiscovered Egyptian tomb and it works wonderfully well. The second half of the book is pure action and suspense. Lincoln Child and his frequent co-author Douglas Preston are responsible for the famed “Pendergast” series of mysteries in addition to stand alone novels of their own. I recommend them all. The Third Gate is of recent vintage (2012 and available in paperback), Jeremy Logan’s next adventure, The Forgotten Room, has just been published in hardcover.

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