Sunday, February 1, 2015

Julia by Margot Bland

Celebrating a month of love and lust just in time for Valentine's Day!

This 1954 Popular Library Eagle Books edition entices with its saucy painted cover. I’m not certain who the artist was, but this was the heyday for Popular Library paperbacks with eye-catching covers. I also don’t know if Margot Bland was a pseudonym or the author’s real name. I do know that Julia is a heart-breaker; a husband stealing vixen with an itch that needs to be scratched again and again. Oh boy, Julia is that type of book about that type of dame.  Imagine finishing up a plate of eggs and a cup of java at a five and dime like Woolworth’s and spinning the rack on the way out. This is the paperback you choose because the cover makes you want to pull that sheet down. Julia has you hooked with one kittenish glance. Bram Hughes gets hooked swiftly by Julia, no matter that he’s married. Their sordid affair begins with a quick tryst and she might have been forgotten – just another barfly he picked up one night, except Julia shows up again and becomes close with Bram, his wife Sally and their friends. Bram, of course, can’t get her scent off his clothes. Obsessed with lust, crippled by desire, Bram begins spending more time wrapped up with Julia. Bram’s friend Bob becomes infatuated with Julia as well, but Bram can’t stand the idea of Julia in another man’s arms. Naturally his home life with Sally begins to suffer. Julia is a soap opera with steamy scenes, erratic and obsessive characters, and nobody much to like at all. If it was a movie they’d call it a melodrama. The ending is abrupt and appropriate, but I won’t reveal the outcome. Julia is easy to find on ebay for under ten bucks.


  1. Sounds like my kind of book. Nice little bit of escape for the romantic in all of us. I'll check for this one on ebay, etc. Thanks!


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