Saturday, December 27, 2014

Long Time No Leola by Carter Brown

The Carter Brown books were all written by Alan G. Yates. These paperbacks were reprinted multiple times, often with new covers, but the covers always featured some luscious dame. Long Time No Leola features titillating cover art by the legendary Robert McGinnis. The Carter Brown books included multiple series characters. This is one of the Rick Holman mysteries. Holman is a Hollywood private eye, and this time he’s hired to find a movie star named Leola. He finds her fairly quickly, because she really wasn’t hiding, nor was she kidnapped. Instead, Holman uncovers a complex scheme involving loyalty, sex and even murder. There’s a great deal of talking, some fast action, quick sex and very little suspense. What makes any Carter Brown paperback entertaining is the playfulness regarding sex. The sex isn’t explicit, but frankly, Yates is great at describing the allure a woman has over the men she encounters. In books like this a dame doesn’t climb out of a swimming pool, instead you’ll get lines like: “A dripping sea nymph emerged from the water...” or stuff like: “Her flower print bikini revealed a voluptuous tanned body, whose curves jutted with an insolent disregard for mortality. She was maybe nineteen, I figured.” I’ve always wondered if Yates meant to use the word morality with that line. In any event, it’s all 1967 style swinging fun, and while it may be labeled a mystery I never really felt it was suspenseful. It doesn’t need to be, because it’s a stylistic pulp paperback tale told in eleven fast chapters. Fun to read and with alluring covers, the Carter Brown paperbacks are always a sure bet.


  1. I love the Carter Brown books, which are often more intricately plotted than you might expect. Rick Holman is my favorite of his characters, although I like police detective Al Wheeler a lot, too.

  2. Thanks James, yes I think Holman is my favorite, too. These books never lose their appeal to me.


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