Friday, October 31, 2014

Zombie Halloween by R. L. Stine

Happy Halloween!

There is no better author to review on Halloween day than R. L. Stine. My daughter got me hooked on Stine’s campy tales some years back and every once in awhile I pick one up. He’s always good, creepy fun. Hey, Halloween is just around the corner. You know what that means – dead leaves skittering across the sidewalk, a cold, ominous wind, evil looking pumpkins with candle-flame eyes, and the latest from R. L. Stine. Zombie Halloween is especially cool. This new kid in town, Kenny Manzetti, has moved into an old house to help his grandfather. When a new family moves in next door he notices their choice of furniture is a bit odd. You see, Kenny notices the movers have brought three coffins into the house – three coffins! Naturally, some investigation is required. Stine has never lost his touch at making ghoulish scenes fun for young readers. Zombie Halloween is a perfect example of his wickedly cool imagination and level-headed but still awesome gothic touch. He’s a modern pulp horror maestro for young readers. Bless his black heart. Kudos to Scholastic Books for keeping him in print and giving these paperbacks such colorful covers. The Goosebumps books are still collector’s items. Zombie Halloween is 174 pages of ghoulish, spine-tingling thrills. I wouldn’t be surprised if a creepy kid or two in my neighborhood finds a copy in their trick or treat bag when the clock strikes twelve on Halloween night. Ha ha ha....eeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!

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