Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Sucking Pit by Guy N. Smith

The Sucking Pit by Guy N. Smith is not the type of book that Soccer moms across America are encouraging their children to read. That is all the more reason for you to hunt down this 2011 special edition from Hard Gore Press, signed and numbered by Guy N. Smith himself. Guy N. Smith writes original page-turners, and The Sucking Pit exemplifies what a page-turner should be. Published in England in 1975, The Sucking Pit is a rollicking, breezy hardcore horror novel. If you’ve read any of Smith’s numerous other books then you know what to expect. Smith has been stylistically consistent in everything he has published. His books don’t get reviewed by The New York Times because their highbrow snobby reviewers are too busy promoting books by those two drab typists whose last name begins with the letter K. I’m telling you that Guy N. Smith is the real deal. When Jennifer Lawson arrives at her dear uncle’s home she finds him near death. He points out a little black book to her which she retrieves, but her uncle dies before he can explain what the book means to him. With some time on her hands and the funeral over, Jennifer begins reading passages from that little black book. All of this leads her to becoming possessed, which naturally heightens her sexual desire. She decides to remain in her gamekeeper uncle’s home and seduces the property owner, Clive Rowlands, while entering into a demonic relationship with a gypsy named Cornelius. The property is important to the gypsies because it includes a sucking pit, or bog, which is actually a graveyard of the dead. Also nearby is a spot called the “Devil’s Dressing Room,” rumored to be the actual location where Satan first came to earth. This is a heady brew, and not for people with soft stomachs. Jennifer’s evil plotting to preserve the property for the gypsies gets complicated, and there are dollops of semen and blood along the way. Careful where you step. In numerous of his books a haunted or evil landscape is a vital plot device and The Sucking Pit is no exception. The superb cover and titillating interior illustrations are by Rick Melton. Short but incredibly entertaining, Guy N. Smith’s The Sucking Pit should be first on your list for a midnight Halloween reading.

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