Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gunn # 1 Dawn of Revenge by Jory Sherman

Have you ever had one of those Eureka! moments when you remember something that you had forgotten about and it makes your day? Recently, when rummaging through several over-sized boxes in my den, I came across this great old paperback by Jory Sherman. I’ve read a great many of his books and Jory Sherman is a wonderful writer. Recently I’ve been enjoying his new “Savage” and “Sidewinder” series for Berkley Books, but here’s one from 1980. The Gunn series fell into the category of “Adult Western” and at one time there were probably dozens of them flooding the market. I think Jory wrote 29 Gunn books and they are all worth your time. The plot is a tried and true tale of vengeance. William Gunnison is blamed for his wife’s murder so he changes his name to Gunn and sets out after the real killers. A plot like that is as old as time itself, but Jory Sherman can make anything seem fresh. The villain here is Jason Coker, and he’s out to kill Gunn in a unique way. He solicits the help of a soiled dove who resembles Gunn’s wife, and he sends her on a rendezvous to trap him. The sex in the series is on par with what you might find in some of the Longarm books today, and the six-gun action is plentiful. Jory Sherman is a master at plotting, and the story moves along at a gallop. All of his books are written with a passion for writing and an understanding of what readers want. Today the Adult Western is alive and well with The Trailsman, Slocum, Longarm and The Gunsmith, some of which I’ll discuss in future posts. Meanwhile, backtrack a bit and pick up some of these exciting Gunn books by a truly talented writer.


  1. Tom,

    Glad to hear you're going to look at adult westerns. Reading the GUNN books helped me when it came to writing my own series.

  2. Thanks RJR, I have some really cool western treats lined up in the coming months. Thanks for reading and commenting,


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