Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dark Land by Andrew Salmon

This riveting science fiction novel by Andrew Salmon must surely fall into the category of neglected but brilliant. By this I mean The Dark Land deserves a wider audience. It is, quite frankly (but not surprisingly), better than any science fiction novel published by Tor in the last few years. The Dark Land is an Airship 27 production, spearheaded by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis. They continue to publish the best New Pulp adventure stories out there. A page-turner from the start, the set-up is traditional – To rebuild mankind scientists are cloning humans but with the past lives erased. That is until C-Peter Reilly shows up with the memories of the Vancouver detective he was cloned from. Okay, I’ll bite. The emotional weight of such memories is but one plot thread, and I was acutely interested in how that, in addition to, well, everything else, all tied together. Salmon is a fine writer and co-authored Ghost Squad: Rise of the Black Legion with Ron Fortier. So I knew he was good. The Dark Land clocks in at 288 pages which gives Salmon plenty of room to explore. A fully realized future, interesting characters and believable dialogue all add texture to this fast-paced thriller. Pick this one up and you’ll meet characters like Banjo Bones, Steakley, Neff, and a group called the Orphans (friendly chaps). I enjoyed the brisk pace and while I won’t give away any plot twists, I’ll mention that Banjo Bone’s comment on page 287 (yep, right near the end), sums it all up: “Strength comes from adversity.” Read it and you’ll understand. The Dark Land is a highly enjoyable science fiction thriller, not too heavy, but with a thought-provoking ending that will leave you wanting more. Highly recommended.


  1. Thanks, Thomas! So glad you enjoyed the book! And thanks a million for taking the time to review it as well. Made my day!

  2. My pleasure! looking forward to your next one!


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