Monday, July 8, 2013

A Northwoods Photographic Notebook # 2

My wife Jan and I spent the Independence Day weekend at Camp McNulty in the northwoods. This is a place where the wind blows through the tall pines like a song. The wild call of the loon and the soaring wings of an eagle are commonplace.
I took this photograph of an eagle above Camp McNulty on July 4th just moments after it took a fish from the lake. Later that afternoon on the Ojibwe Reservation two young eagles landed in a tree on the shore of Lac du Flambeau. We stopped the truck, jumped out and took these photos. I cannot think of a better image for July 4th than that of majestic eagles in their natural environment.
Driving through the Chequamegon National Forest we spied this porcupine feeding on lily pads.
Life in the northwoods can be challenging but tranquil too. At sunset the wind brings songs to the pines and the light is ever-changing. The spirits of explorers and early settlers are but a step away. The forest changes in late afternoon. The colors deepen as the shadows crawl out from beneath the underbrush. The pines and the wind are conspirators at twilight, telling stories of days past and greeting the future with a lullaby of whispers.

Text and Images copyright © 2013 by Thomas McNulty

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