Monday, March 4, 2013

Kill Her with Love by Rod Gray

This 1975 paperback from Belmont Tower Books is remarkably sexless. No matter that the cover promises action and erotica, this one turned out to be so bad it’s funny. Still, that is a cool cover. Let’s face it, from my intrinsically male viewpoint, an attractive and curvy woman with a gun is all the reason I need to fork over the $1.25 this book cost. Here’s the lowdown on the ridiculous plot: Eve Drum, an agent of L.U.S.T. – League of Underground Spies and Terrorists – gets involved with Peter Perrault, owner of the satyr club, and one badass that needs to be taught a lesson. A great deal of silly dialogue precedes the few sex scenes. There is little action until the conclusion. Eve Drum is smart, hip, sexy. This was disposable paperback entertainment 1970s style. I’ve read worse, and I’ll have to dig out some of those later. Retro paperback lovers collect books like this because of the cover art. Mildly entertaining the first time it’s read, but hardly worth touching a second time. I don’t know anything else about this author or series, but my guess is they disappeared long ago. Hell of a great cover, though.


  1. The original Rod Gray was Gardner F. Fox, the famous comic book scripter who also wrote for the pulps and became a prolific paperbacker under many different names. Chances are, though, that this book (which is actually the last in the series) was written by somebody else, as Fox is thought to have left the series by this point.

  2. Thanks for the information. Obviously not one of the best paperbacks in my collection but your feedback makes it all the more interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting, all the best, Tom


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