Saturday, February 23, 2013

Introducing New Pulp Hero Jack Ripcord

Wounded Outlaw Books presents Thomas McNulty's Jack Ripcord: The Order of the Dread Angels. The time is 1939 and the world is on the brink of war. From the back alleys of Chicago to the jungles of South America, adventurer and top government agent Jack Ripcord clashes with a secret Nazi organization known as the Order of the Dread Angels, a merciless group intent on unleashing supernatural horrors against the United States. Ripcord follows the Nazis to South America where the Third Reich’s occult leader, the Dragon, is about to unleash a demon of incredible power. Armed with a .45 automatic and an artifact called the Stonehenge Blade, Ripcord races to save the world from Nazi domination! Allied with a lycanthrope, Walter Kozak, and a witch, Trinity St. John, Jack Ripcord battles evil at every turn. Jack Ripcord: The Order of the Dread Angels is the premier adventure of a new pulp hero whose remarkable exploits are unequaled for whirlwind thrills and blood-curdling mayhem. Jack Ripcord is New Pulp Fiction for modern readers.

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