Friday, October 19, 2012

Scary Books – The Torturer by Peter Saxon

The name Peter Saxon was once familiar to paperback readers in the 70s. Peter Saxon was a pseudonym created by W. Howard Baker, editor and writer for Amalgamated Press in London. Several authors wrote under the Peter Saxon name and the books were popular fare in the United States as well. They were published by The Paperback Library in New York. It is believed that The Torturer was actually written by Wilfred McNeilly who also wrote The Darkest Night and Dark Ways to Death (both 1966), Satan's Child and The Torturer (both 1967) and The Haunting of Alan Mais (1969). As Errol Lecale he also wrote the six books in The Specialist series Tigerman of Terrahpur, Castledoom and others. The Torturer takes place in the ruins of Castle Delmorte where a movie crew has arrived to film a thriller. But Castle Delmorte was home to a man known as The Torturer and his spirit is still at large. When Conde Delmorte returns nasty things begin to happen. Crammed with pulp fiction suspense 70s style, The Torturer is a paperback horror lover’s delight!

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