Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scary Books – Skull Moon by Tim Curran

Tim Curran is one of the few modern horror writers that I follow. He’s good, and he’s often great, and most of the others pale by comparison. Skull Moon falls into the “weird western” category. While I’ve enjoyed everything Curran has published this book remains a personal favorite. I cannot think of too many novels that so perfectly exemplify what a “weird western” should be. This is it, pardners, and it’s a chilling action-packed tale. In a place called Wolf Creek a gang of masked riders accustomed to having their wicked way go too far and kill the son of a Blackfoot medicine man. Now something is after them. Something horrifying and far more dangerous than anything they could imagine. Enter Deputy Marshal Joe Longtree who has his hands full trying to figure out what is going on. Skull Moon makes for not only a great horror novel but a great western. I can’t praise this book enough. This is the book that turned me on to Tim Curran. It’s gruesome, chilling, incredibly suspenseful and downright weird. If you want anything more than that in a novel then you’re cracked. Try Skull Moon. It’s a classic weird western.

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