Friday, October 12, 2012

Scary Books – Night of the Vampire by Raymond Giles

In the late 60s Avon paperbacks occupied that sacred space on the twirling book racks reserved for sexy horror and suspense titles. For 60 cents you’d get about 170-200 pages of grindhouse fiction intended to make the publisher a fast buck. Some of these potboilers were fun to read. That brings us to Night of the Vampire by Raymond Giles. I know nothing about this author but the book was spooky enough (and perhaps even silly enough) to hold my attention. I re-read it recently and I still enjoyed it.  Featuring a coven of witches and a werewolf, this almost steamy romp has enough creepiness and at least the suggestion of sex that I find it charming. The Sanscoeur werewolf is back and that means trouble. When Duffy Johnson returns to Sanscoeur with his wife Roxanne who happens to be descended from the Sanscoeur line, not to mention that she’s a werewolf, things get murderous quickly. There’s a coven of witches after her and tons of purple prose. Far from a classic, this book is the equivalent of a bad horror film and that’s why I’m recommending it. Sure, it’s a bad book, but sometimes bad books can be fun. This is one of them. The cover art by Hector Garrido is marvelous.


  1. This a great time of year for bad horror. To my depraved mind, no one wrote badder (better) than Richard Laymon's THE CELLAR. Read it if you dare but don't have the psych ward send me your bills!

  2. Thanks Pete, great to hear from you on my blog. I'll give the Cellar a whirl. haven't read it before. See you along the dusty trail!


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