Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scary Books – The Mummy by Anne Rice

Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors and picking a favorite book of hers is no easy task. Everything she has published is remarkable. I settled on The Mummy, originally published in 1989, because it represents everything she does best as a creative writer, but it’s also an unusual entry in her canon of work because she has yet to write the long promised sequel. The Mummy is in many ways a homage to the Universal films series of the 30s and 40s that starred Boris Karloff, Tom Tyler and Lon Chaney, Jr. In The Mummy Rice combines Egyptian folklore and history with modern romance and gruesome terror. It all makes for a fascinating tale as Ramses the damned returns from the dead and even attempts to revive Cleopatra; but Cleopatra leaves behind a string of dead bodies and the novel quickly becomes a both a tale of redemption and a morality play. This is Anne Rice at her creative best, and like so many of her fans I am wondering why she hasn’t written the sequel. I’ve read a few interviews with her where she hints that no sequel is forthcoming even though the book ends with the words: “The adventures of Ramses the damned shall continue.” Don’t let the lack of a sequel stop you from reading this superb and riveting novel. Anne Rice’s The Mummy is horror fiction at its very best.

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