Friday, October 26, 2012

Scary Books – I, Vampire by Michael Romkey

From 1990, Michael Romkey’s I, Vampire was the first in a series. I read a few of the others but this first one was the best. It was followed by The Vampire Papers (1994), The Vampire Princess (1995), The Vampire Virus (1997), Vampire Hunter (1998), and a few others. There are a lot of vampire-lit fans out there and Romkey has been favorably compared to Anne Rice – and he has been also been lambasted as an Anne Rice copycat. Comparisons aside, Romkey is a good writer and this is an excellent book. Presented as journal entries, characters included are The Ripper (yeah, that guy), Mozart, Rasputin, Tatiana – you get the idea. Romkey took a plot device that had become a standard ingredient for horror writers  – adding historical figures to the narrative – and involving them in the action. He handled it beautifully and I, Vampire benefits from his research. Writing this post has reminded me to read some of Romkey’s more recent books. Meanwhile, I, Vampire is out there waiting to scare you.

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