Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scary Books - Hell House by Richard Matheson

By now your nerves should be shattered, and this book will finish you off. Oh yes, Hell House rounds out the trilogy of the three scariest books I’ve ever read. Psycho, Fear and now Hell House. After you read this one I expect we’ll have to pick you up off the floor and pour whiskey down your throat to revive you! Matheson is well known and no doubt most of you are familiar with his many novels. Hell House is captivating, frightening and another textbook example of what a great horror novel should be. It’s still in print so if you haven’t read it this would be a good month to do so. Four people enter Hell House where the lingering spirit of Emeric Belasco is up to no good. Belasco disappeared in 1929 and these four strangers are brought in to determine if the house is indeed haunted. Here’s a book that I’m sure Stephen King wishes he’d written (and perhaps has been trying to write ever since he read it) and one of the grand tales of spooks and possession. Claustrophobic, creepy and unflinchingly suspenseful, Hell House by Richard Matheson is one of the all-time greats.

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